• Yes. We understand sometimes life happens and schedules change.
  • We will be happy to process a cancellation and refund as long as your order has not entered into the preparation process.
  • You can check the status of your order by contacting us at: +1(305) 553-3833. Then, we should be able to help.
  • If your order has been prepared, picked up by our driver, or delivered, we will NOT be able to cancel your order. Please have in mind that we have other orders in our busy schedule, and there are costs associated with canceling an order.
Important: Once your order has entered the preparation process, your order will be final and cannot be canceled. We appreciate your understanding!


    • Replacements are at our discretion. We will not replace an order until we have not investigated the reason for your complaint.
    • If we consider the reason to be fair, we will always replace it with a product of equal or greater value, depending on our inventory availability. Delivering happiness in each of our arrangements is our passion and being efficient and reliable is our goal.
    • Replacements are nontransferable, meaning it is for the original recipient only.
    • Replacements must be scheduled within 7 days of an issue being reported. The offer is no longer valid 7 days after the day of our contact, so please stay in touch until we have resolved the problem.
    • If there is a quality issue with one of our fresh-cut flower bouquets or arrangements, we will require you to provide dated photos and/or videos, within 3 days of the delivery.
    • Any quality problems reported after those 3 days, are NOT eligible for replacement, since there is no way to prove that the problem was on our end and not a customer's mistreat of the product.
    Important: We cannot guarantee the level of care our flowers receive once the recipient has received them. We appreciate your understanding!